How do you choose linear bearings?

NOVEMBER 02, 2022

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A Guide on Linear Motion Bearings – Roller vs. SliderApr 30, 2021 — Choosing a bearing for linear motion systems can be challenging and different types have pros and cons. This guide will help you find out 

Linear Bearings Selection Guide: Types, Features, ApplicationsImportant specifications to consider when selecting linear bearings include the bearing width, length, inside diameter, and dynamic load capacity. The bearing A Quick Guide to Choosing the Best Linear Motion ProductAug 15, 2018 — Linear Bearings with balls offer the lowest friction. The two main products are recirculating ball bushings and motion guidance systems.

CHOOSE THE CORRECT LINEAR GUIDE FOR YOUR Recirculating ball guides or rails with bearings? The answer depends on the application and the advantages that the two products can offer. Recirculating ball 

Tips on choosing plain linear bearings | Machine DesignApr 1, 2000 — To select the optimum linear bearing for that 30% of the application segment though, engineers first must know the application. Other factors to Selecting and Applying Rolling Element Linear Bearings and by R Thomas · Cited by 2 — Understanding the tradeoffs of each bearing type is important to accurately size and select the right bearing for your application. Choosing an inadequate 10 pages

NSK Bearing Timken BearingNTN Bearing KOYO Bearing
A4059/A4138BTM 60 BTN9/HCP4CDB71924 ACE/P4A71910 CD/HCP4A
X32936M/Y32936MBTM 65 ATN9/P4CDB7024 CB/P4A7010 ACD/HCP4A
X30208M/Y30208MBTM 65 BTN9/P4CDB71922 CB/HCP4A7010 CD/HCP4A
X32026XM/Y32026XMBTW 65 CTN9/SP71922 ACE/HCP4A7210 ACD/HCP4A
XGA32021X/Y32021XBTM 70 ATN9/HCP4CDB71922 CE/HCP4A7210 CD/HCP4A
X32028XM/Y32028XMNN 3080 K/SPW337022 ACD/P4A71810 ACD/HCP4
JLM722948/JLM722912NN 3084 K/SPW337022 CD/P4A71810 CD/HCP4
JHH224333/JHH224315NN 3092 K/SPW337222 ACD/P4A71910 ACB/HCP4A
X30217/Y30217NNU 49/600 BK/SPW33X7021 CD/HCP4A71910 CB/HCP4A
X33217/Y33217BTW 35 CTN9/SP7221 ACD/HCP4A71910 ACE/HCP4A
X30216M/Y30216MBTW 45 CTN9/SP7221 CD/HCP4A71910 CE/HCP4A
X32316M/Y32316MNN 3056 K/SPW3371822 ACD/HCP471909 CD/HCP4A
X32017X/Y32017XNN 3060 K/SPW3371822 CD/HCP47009 ACB/HCP4A
X32013X/Y32013XNN 3064 K/SPW3371922 ACB/HCP4A7009 CB/HCP4A
X32313M/Y32313MNN 3068 K/SPW337220 CD/HCP4A7009 CD/HCP4A
GB 4926NN 3072 K/SPW3371821 ACD/HCP47209 ACD/HCP4A
GB 4934NN 3076 K/SPW3371821 CD/HCP47209 CD/HCP4A
GB 4938NN 3036 K/SPW3371921 ACD/HCP4A71909 ACB/HCP4A
GB 4944NN 3038 K/SPW3371921 CD/HCP4A71909 CB/HCP4A
GB 4952NN 3040 K/SPW337021 ACD/HCP4A71909 ACE/HCP4A
GB 3034NN 3044 K/SPW337020 ACB/HCP4A71909 CE/HCP4A
GB 3038NN 3048 K/SPW337020 CB/HCP4A71909 ACD/HCP4A
GB 3044NN 3052 K/SPW337020 ACE/HCP4A7008 ACE/P4A
GB 3052NN 3022 KTN9/SP7020 CE/HCP4A7008 CE/P4A
GB 3064NN 3024 KTN9/SP7020 ACD/HCP4A7008 ACD/P4A
GB 4922NN 3026 KTN9/SP7020 CD/HCP4A71809 ACD/HCP4
GB 1018NN 3028 K/SPW337220 ACD/HCP4A71809 CD/HCP4
GB 1019NN 3030 K/SPW3371920 ACB/HCP4A71908 ACE/P4A
GB 3022NN 3032 K/SPW3371920 CB/HCP4A71908 CE/P4A
GB 3026NN 3034 K/SPW3371920 ACE/HCP4A71908 ACD/P4A
GB 1012NN 3013 KTN/SP71920 CE/HCP4A71908 CD/P4A
GB 1013NN 3015 KTN/SP71920 ACD/HCP4A7008 ACB/P4A
GB 1014NN 3017 KTN9/SP71920 CD/HCP4A7008 CB/P4A
GB 1015NN 3019 KTN9/SP7019 ACD/P4A7007 CD/P4A
GB 1016NN 3020 KTN9/SP7019 CD/P4A7207 ACD/P4A
GB 1017NN 3021 KTN9/SP7219 ACD/P4A71808 ACD/P4
DMB 24/28N 1024 KTNHA/SP7219 CD/P4A71808 CD/P4
DMB 32/36N 1024 KTN9/SP71820 ACD/P471908 ACB/P4A
GB 3007NN 3005 K/SP71820 CD/P471908 CB/P4A
GB 3009NN 3007 K/SP71919 CB/HCP4A71907 CD/P4A
GB 1011NN 3009 KTN/SP71919 CD/P4A7007 ACB/P4A
GRA 3026NN 3011 KTN/SP7019 ACB/P4A7007 CB/P4A
GRA 3034N 1019 KTN9/SP7019 CB/P4A7007 ACE/P4A
GRA 3038N 1020 KTNHA/SP7019 ACE/P4A7007 CE/P4A
DMB 8/12N 1020 KTN9/SP7019 CE/P4A7007 ACD/P4A
GRA 3012N 1021 KTNHA/SP7018 CD/HCP4A71807 CD/P4
GRA 3014N 1021 KTN9/SP7218 ACD/HCP4A71907 ACB/P4A
GRA 3016N 1022 KTNHA/SP7218 CD/HCP4A71907 CB/P4A
GRA 3018N 1022 KTN9/SP71819 ACD/HCP471907 ACE/P4A
GRA 3022N 1016 KTN/SP71819 CD/HCP471907 CE/P4A
GRA 3006N 1017 KTNHA/SP71919 ACB/HCP4A71907 ACD/P4A
GRA 3008N 1017 KTN9/SP71918 CB/P4A7006 CE/P4A
BEAM 050115-2RZN 1018 KTNHA/SP71918 ACE/P4A7006 ACD/P4A
BEAM 050140-2RZN 1018 KTN9/SP71918 CE/P4A7006 CD/P4A
BEAM 060145-2RZN 1019 KTNHA/SP71918 ACD/P4A7206 ACD/P4A
FBSA 210/DFN 1014 KTN/SP7018 ACE/HCP4A7206 CD/P4A
BEAM 025075-2RZN 1015 KPHA/SP7018 CE/HCP4A71807 ACD/P4
BEAM 030080-2RSN 1015 KTNHA/SP7018 ACD/HCP4A71906 CE/P4A
BEAM 030080-2RZN 1015 KTN/SP7017 CD/P4A71906 ACD/P4A
BEAM 030100-2RZN 1016 KPHA/SP7217 ACD/P4A71906 CD/P4A
BEAM 035090-2RZN 1016 KTNHA/SP7217 CD/P4A7006 ACB/P4A
BEAM 040100-2RZN 1012 KTNHA/SP71818 ACD/P47006 CB/P4A
BEAM 040115-2RZN 1012 KTN/SP71818 CD/P47006 ACE/P4A
BEAM 012055-2RSN 1013 KPHA/SP71918 ACB/P4A7205 CD/P4A
BEAM 017062-2RSN 1013 KTNHA/SP71917 CB/P4A71806 ACD/P4
BEAM 017062-2RZN 1013 KTN/SP71917 ACE/P4A71806 CD/P4
BEAM 020068-2RSN 1014 KPHA/SP71917 CE/P4A71906 ACB/P4A
BEAM 020068-2RZN 1014 KTNHA/SP71917 ACD/P4A71906 CB/P4A
BEAM 025075-2RSN 1010 KTNHA/SP71917 CD/P4A71906 ACE/P4A
BEAS 012042-2RZN 1010 KTN/SP7017 ACB/P4A71905 ACD/P4A
BEAS 015045-2RZN 1011 KPHA/SP7016 CB/P4A71905 CD/P4A
BEAS 017047-2RZN 1011 KTNHA/SP7016 ACE/P4A7005 ACE/P4A
BEAS 020052-2RZN 1011 KTN/SP7216 ACD/P4A7005 CE/P4A
BEAS 025057-2RSN 1012 KPHA/SP7216 CD/P4A7005 ACD/P4A
BEAS 030062-2RSN 1008 KTNHA/SP71817 ACD/P47005 CD/P4A
BSA 209 CN 1008 KTN/SP71817 CD/P47205 ACD/P4A
BSA 210 CN 1009 KPHA/SP71917 ACB/P4A7204 ACD/P4A
BSD 55100 CN 1009 KTNHA/SP71916 CB/P4A7204 CD/P4A
BSA 212 CN 1009 KTN/SP71916 ACE/P4A71805 ACD/P4
BSA 215 CN 1010 KPHA/SP71916 CE/P4A71805 CD/P4
BEAS 008032-2RZ71964 CDMA/P4A71916 ACD/P4A71905 ACE/P4A
BSA 205 C71968 ACDMA/P4A71916 CD/P4A71905 CE/P4A
BSA 305 C71968 CDMA/P4A7016 ACB/P4A71904 ACD/P4A
BSA 206 C71972 ACDMA/P4A7015 CE/HCP4A71904 CD/P4A
BSD 3572 C71972 CDMA/P4A7215 ACD/P4A7004 ACE/P4A
BSA 307 CN 1008 KPHA/SP7215 CD/P4A7004 CE/P4A
BSA 208 C71952 CD/P4A71816 ACD/P47004 ACD/P4A
BSA 308 C7052 ACD/P4A71816 CD/P47004 CD/P4A
FBSA 210/DF71956 ACD/P4A71916 ACB/P4A7203 ACD/P4A
FBSA 210/QFC71956 CD/P4A71915 CE/HCP4A7203 CD/P4A
FBSA 210 A/QFC71960 ACDMA/P4A71915 ACD/HCP4A71804 ACD/P4
FBSA 212 A/QFC71960 CDMA/P4A71915 CD/HCP4A71804 CD/P4
BSA 202 C71964 ACDMA/P4A7015 ACB/HCP4A71904 ACE/P4A
BSA 204 C7044 CD/P4A7015 CB/HCP4A71904 CE/P4A
FBSA 207/QFC71948 ACD/P4A7015 ACE/HCP4A71903 ACD/P4A
FBSA 208/DF71948 CD/P4A7214 CD/HCP4A71903 CD/P4A
FBSA 208/QFC7048 ACD/P4A71815 ACD/HCP47003 ACE/P4A
FBSA 208 A/QFC7048 CD/P4A71815 CD/HCP47003 CE/P4A
FBSA 209/DF71952 ACD/P4A71915 ACB/HCP4A7003 ACD/P4A
FBSA 209/QFC71940 CD/P4A71915 CB/HCP4A7003 CD/P4A
FBSA 205/DF7040 ACD/P4A71915 ACE/HCP4A7202 ACD/P4A
FBSA 205/QFC7040 CD/P4A7014 ACB/HCP4A7202 CD/P4A
FBSA 206/DF71944 ACD/P4A7014 CB/HCP4A71803 ACD/P4
FBSA 206/QFC71944 CD/P4A7014 ACE/HCP4A71803 CD/P4
FBSA 206 A/QFC7044 ACD/P4A7014 CE/HCP4A71903 ACE/P4A
FBSA 207/DF7036 ACD/P4A7014 ACD/HCP4A71903 CE/P4A
FBSA 204/DF7036 CD/P4A7014 CD/HCP4A71902 ACE/HCP4A
FBSA 204/QFC71938 ACD/P4A71914 ACB/HCP4A71902 CE/HCP4A
NRT 850 A71938 CD/P4A71914 CB/HCP4A71902 ACD/HCP4A
NRT 80 B7038 ACD/P4A71914 ACE/HCP4A71902 CD/HCP4A
NRT 120 B7038 CD/P4A71914 CE/HCP4A7002 ACE/HCP4A
NRT 180 B71940 ACD/P4A71914 ACD/HCP4A7002 CE/HCP4A
NRT 260 B71934 ACD/P4A71914 CD/HCP4A71901 CD/HCP4A
NRT 395 B71934 CD/P4A7013 ACD/HCP4A7001 CD/HCP4A
NRT 580 A7034 ACD/P4A7013 CD/HCP4A7201 ACD/HCP4A
BTM 170 AM/P4CDB7034 CD/P4A7213 ACD/HCP4A7201 CD/HCP4A
BTM 170 BM/P4CDB71936 ACD/P4A7213 CD/HCP4A71802 ACD/HCP4
BTW 170 CM/SP71936 CD/P4A71814 ACD/HCP471802 CD/HCP4
BTM 180 AM/HCP4CDB71832 ACD/P471814 CD/HCP47200 ACD/HCP4A
BTM 180 BM/HCP4CDB71832 CD/P471913 CE/HCP4A7200 CD/HCP4A
BTW 190 CM/SP71932 ACD/P4A71913 CD/HCP4A71801 ACD/HCP4
BTM 140 BM/HCP4CDB71932 CD/P4A7013 ACB/HCP4A71801 CD/HCP4
BTM 150 AM/P4CDB7032 ACD/P4A7013 CB/HCP4A71901 ACE/HCP4A
BTM 150 BM/P4CDB7032 CD/P4A7013 ACE/HCP4A71901 CE/HCP4A
BTW 150 CM/SP71830 ACD/P47013 CE/HCP4A71901 ACD/HCP4A
BTM 160 AM/HCP4CDB71830 CD/P47212 CD/HCP4A71800 ACD/HCP4
BTM 160 BM/HCP4CDB71930 ACD/P4A71813 ACD/HCP471800 CD/HCP4
BTW 110 CTN9/SP71930 CD/P4A71813 CD/HCP471900 ACE/HCP4A
BTM 120 ATN9/HCP4CDB7030 ACD/P4A71913 CB/HCP4A71900 CE/HCP4A
BTM 120 BTN9/HCP4CDB7030 CD/P4A7012 CB/HCP4A7000 ACD/HCP4A
BTM 130 ATN9/P4CDB71828 CD/P47012 ACE/HCP4A7000 CD/HCP4A
BTM 130 BTN9/P4CDB71928 ACD/P4A7012 CE/HCP4A709 ACE/HCP4A
BTW 130 CTN9/SP71928 CD/P4A7012 ACD/HCP4A709 CE/HCP4A
BTM 95 BTN9/P4CDB7028 CD/P4A71912 CB/P4A709 CD/HCP4A
BTW 95 CTN9/SP7228 ACD/P4A71912 ACE/HCP4A729 ACD/HCP4A
BTM 100 ATN9/HCP4CDB7228 CD/P4A71912 CE/HCP4A729 CD/HCP4A
BTM 100 BTN9/HCP4CDB71826 ACD/P471912 ACD/HCP4A728 ACD/HCP4A
BTM 110 ATN9/P4CDB71826 CD/P471912 CD/HCP4A728 CD/HCP4A
BTM 110 BTN9/P4CDB71926 ACD/P4A7012 ACB/HCP4A719/9 ACE/HCP4A
BTM 85 ATN9/P4CDB7226 ACD/P4A7011 ACD/P4A719/9 CE/HCP4A
BTM 85 BTN9/P4CDB7226 CD/P4A7011 CD/P4A17TAC47B
BTW 85 CTN9/SP71828 ACD/P47211 ACD/P4A50TAC100B
BTM 90 ATN9/HCP4CDB7024 ACE/P4A7211 CD/P4ATAC35-2T85
BTM 90 BTN9/HCP4CDB7024 CE/P4A71812 ACD/P445TAC03AT85
BTM 95 ATN9/P4CDB7024 ACD/P4A71812 CD/P450TAC03AT85
BTM 70 BTN9/HCP4CDB7024 CD/P4A71912 ACB/P4A60TAC03AT85
BTM 75 ATN9/P4CDB7224 ACD/P4A71811 ACD/HCP415TAC47B
BTM 75 BTN9/P4CDB7224 CD/P4A71811 CD/HCP420TAC47B
BTW 75 CTN9/SP7222 CD/P4A71911 ACB/HCP4A30TAC62B
BTM 80 ATN9/HCP4CDB71824 ACD/P471911 CB/HCP4A40TAC72B
BTM 80 BTN9/HCP4CDB71824 CD/P471911 ACE/HCP4A45TAC75B
BTW 55 CTN9/SP71924 ACB/P4A71911 CE/HCP4A50TAC100B
BTM 60 ATN9/HCP4CDB71924 CB/P4A71910 ACD/HCP4A55TAC120B

Top Five Mistakes in Choosing and Using Linear GuidesDec 12, 2017 — The preload of the linear guide needs to be matched to the accuracy that can be achieved with the mounting parts. If it is not possible to meet How to choose linear guide accuracyDec 14, 2016 — How to choose linear guide accuracy · Height tolerance of the rail and block assembly · Permissible difference in height between multiple blocks 

Basics of Linear BearingsFeb 13, 2018 — The criteria for choosing one over the other are no different than choosing any other machine component: define system objectives, then consider Tips for Choosing a Linear Bearing – Blog CLRFeb 3, 2020 — What do you need to consider when choosing a linear bearing? · Load capacity. This factor conditions the weight supported and its duration.